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Giving Thanks

26 November 2009 Leave a comment

I have a lot to be thankful for.  My family, close friends and I are healthy, and none of us will be hungry this holiday… I don’t reckon any of us ever have been. 

It has never been clear to me why I have had it so easy all my life. I never did anything to deserve all that I have, just like those with nothing never did anything to deserve their plight.  It seems to me that I was lucky to be born where I was, when I was. 

When I was young, I thanked somebody somewhere for making my life so rich, but I could never fathom why I was the one who got to be thankful and someone else had nothing to be thankful for.  If anybody is to be thanked for my having a good life, it is my mother.  But why was she allowed to be so giving when somebody else’s mother had nothing to give?  

The easy way out is to thank God for all the blessings one receives, but if God gets the credit for a rich, abundant life, who gets the blame for that poor wretched life across town?


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