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Dawkins on Evolution – from “God Strikes Back”

  1. Spijder
    18 May 2012 at 14:11

    While facts are in fact, facts, there is an intersection with how the mind and society itself functions that is largely ignored and not just in the ‘argument’ between science and religion. Not just psychology but neurology itself are often disregarded in the urge to disseminate specialized information as common knowledge.

    In the video clip itself there’s a great clue in the mention that Darwin himself seemed to have given up on his eldest son’s scientific education as a lost cause in that it was only his younger sons that he placed in a preferable school. There also seems to be a too-great accusation against the teachers, who see day to day how the minds they’re trying to teach are working, of not doing enough to remold minds already firmly molded before they ever encounter them. There is also the assumption that spiritual modes of thinking are not something that is useful to society, culture or the human mind itself.

    Even the facts of human evolution point to the possibility that the beginning of religious thought immediately followed the first spark of sentience and as far as the brain’s neurology and psychology is concerned, the two may be inexoriably entwined. Just looking at many scientific speeches, quotes and to point to a specific example, the symphony of science videos on youtube, there is an innate urge in many of us to imbue everything (even what should be cut and dry scientific fact) with a very spiritual sense of wonder and innate desire to dechiper what the mind takes for mystery.

    It is only how the mind is trained during those years when the brain is laying down track that determines how flexible one’s opinions will be and what facts it can or cannot accept and whether that wonder, like any talent or skill, will be aimed toward truth or fantasy (the validity of the latter’s necessity I won’t even get into, shutting up now ;p). But it just is not the educational systems that are at fault for minds that cannot accept scientific facts, it’s just the brain itself.

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